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Rookies carries a great selection of fun and unique tabletop games -- many of which you won't find in your
usual stores!  Board games, card games, miniatures and role-playing!  
HeroClix!  Magic The Gathering!  
Pokemon!  Yu-Gi-Oh!  Dungeons & Dragons!  King of Tokyo!  Munchkin!  Settlers of Catan!  Azul!  
Century Spice Road!  And many more!

Gaming Events
- We have the largest HeroClix tournaments in the area and support this game with lots of
products always in stock!  We're also a Wizards of the Coast Advanced-Level Store with sanctioned
The Gathering
tournaments including Friday Night Magic and Prereleases!

Rookies also hosts demos, game nights and tournaments for lots of other games!  We don't have gaming
space at the store, so our partners in events are a couple great, local restaurants:  Most events are held at
BC Pizza -- Whereas Big Boiler Brewing is home to our popular Grown-Up Game Nights!

Check out our Gaming Event Schedule below!  
We also post events to our Facebook page!
Rookies’ Gaming Event Schedule
All gaming events meet at BC Pizza in Lowell unless noted.  Players should come prepared with
dice, tokens, etc.  Experienced players, newbies and spectators are always welcome!  For more
details stop in the store or call (616) 897-5650.

All events are posted on Facebook.  LIKE US and join our "Rookies Heroclix Crew", "Rookies Magic
(M:tG) Crew", and "Rookies Tabletop Gaming Crew" groups!  Great resources for updates,
discussions, or putting together some casual gaming date nights!  BC Pizza is always hospitable to
us gamers playing there - just be sure to give them some business!

August 2019:
REEF   Tues, Aug 6 (6pm @ BC Pizza) – Reef Tournament!
Join us for our first Reef tournament! Reef is an abstract strategy game with pattern matching
created by Emerson Matsuuchi (of Century Spice fame). Never played? It's quick and easy to learn!  
Games are 30-45 min. each; we’re aiming for 3 rounds.  Discounted copies available for sale after
the tournament!

Cost is $7.00 and includes pizza, pop and a prize for the winner!

MAGIC THE GATHERING   Fri, Aug 9 (6pm @ BC Pizza) – “FNM: Core Set 2020 League, Week 1”
Week 1 (of 3):  Three rounds of Mini-Masters. Players will receive three boosters of Core Set 2020.
At the start of each round players will open a sealed booster, remove the token and basic land card,
and add three basic lands of each type. These 30 cards will make up the player's deck for that
round. Player will play their decks blind (meaning that other than the lands, they won't know what
cards are in their decks).

Cost is $20 and includes 3 boosters, pizza, pop and prizes!

HEROCLIX   Sat, Aug 10 (noon@BC Pizza) –
                        “Wolverine vs. Cyclops: X-Men Regenesis Month 2”
This three-month Storyline Organized Play Series features ALL NEW and UNIQUE content based
on the Marvel Comics struggle between Wolverine and Cyclops over the true spirit of what it means
to be X-Men.
   During the first month, players will pick if they’re siding with Wolverine or Cyclops. You can’t
change later!  Players picking Wolverine will only be able to win prizes associated with Wolverine
and the same with Cyclops!  Step 1: Open New Figures (Players will get to open 3 single-figure foil
packs that are exclusive to the OP series);  Step 2: Trade (Players will have a chance (each month)
to trade one figure with another player in their event);  Step 3: Build! (Players will build a 200-point
HeroClix team out of the X-Men Regenesis figures they’ve collected from Steps 1 and 2);  Step 4:
Play! (Players play a Swiss-style event using 2×2 maps. The top finishers each month will earn
prizes and points toward the Grand Prize); Step 5: Come Back!  (In Months 2 and 3, players should
bring back their X-Men Regenesis figures from the previous months in case they want to use them
on their team or trade them away).

Cost is $23 and includes (3) boosters exclusive to this series of events, pizza, pop and prizes!

MAGIC THE GATHERING   Fri, Aug 16 (6pm @ BC Pizza) – “FNM: Core Set 2020, Week 2”
Week 2 (of 3):  One round of Mini-Masters, and two rounds of League Constructed Decks. Returning
League Players will receive one booster of Core Set 2020, and new League Players will receive
three. Round one will be Mini-Masters following the same rules as week one. After round one,
players will construct a 30 card (minimum) deck using only cards they have received in the League
(not including any cards received as prizes for the events). Returning players will have the three
packs from week one plus the pack they received for the round one Mini-Masters. New players use
the pack they used for the first round Mini-Masters plus their other two sealed packs. All players will
then compete in the next two rounds using their League Decks.

Cost for returning League Players will be $10, for new League Players it will be $20.

MAGIC THE GATHERING   Fri, Aug 23 (6pm @ BC Pizza) – “FNM: Core Set 2020, Week 3”
Week 3 (of 3):  One round of Mini-Masters, and two rounds of League Constructed Decks as
explained in the Week 2 description.  All players who attend week 3 will be eligible to win the
special prize. It will be awarded to the player that wins that event. However, while any player is
eligible to win the prize, players that attend more events will have a larger card pool for constructing
their League Decks. This means that the only way to receive League boosters is to attend League

Cost for returning League Players will be $10, for new League Players it will be $20.

HEROCLIX        Sat, Aug 24 (noon @ BC Pizza) – “DC Vs. Marvel”
400 point, Bronze Age (“Oreo” bases:  Superman/Hulk sets to current).  Forces must be made up
exclusively from one universe or the other:  DC or Marvel.  Prizes include Punisher LE from the
Public Enemy Bullseye OP.

Cost is $7.00 and includes pizza, pop and prizes!

GROWN-UP GAME NIGHT   Sat, August 24 (5-11PM @ Big Boiler Brewing)
Join us for a night of board games!  Some games will be provided, but feel free to bring your own.  
Gaming is upstairs and seats around 40-50 -- First come, first serve on space!

No cost for this event.  Players can order food and drink off the full menu; we have our own wait

GRANDCON … Board Game Convention Weekend                Fri-Sun, Aug 30-Sep 1
Rookies will have a booth at the con and we’re bringing lots of bargains in board games with us!
Can’t make it to the con this year?  No problem!  Rookies will have awesome gaming specials at
the store too on Friday and Saturday.

HeroClix Hall of Fame!
Customers show off their sweet figure pulls from boosters
and tourney prizes they've won!  (Click pic to enlarge)
Nate (a.k.a. "NATRON")
shows off his
he pulled from a
pack of World of Warcraft
cards... these have sold
for $1,000!  Niiice!