Gaming @ Rookies
Rookies carries a great selection of fun and unique
tabletop games -- many of which you won't find in
your usual stores!  Board games, card games,
miniatures and role-playing!  
HeroClix!  Magic The
Gathering!  Pokemon!  Yu-Gi-Oh!  Dungeons &
Dragons!  King of Tokyo!  Munchkin!  Settlers of
Catan!  And many more!

Gaming Events
- We have the largest HeroClix
tournaments in the area and support this game
with lots of products always in stock!  We're also a
Wizards of the Coast Advanced-Level Store with
Magic The Gathering tournaments
including Friday Night Magic and Prereleases!  
Rookies also holds demos, game nights and
tournaments for other games including King of
Tokyo, Force of Will, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and more! --
Held at
BC Pizza just down the street unless otherwise

Check out our Gaming Event Schedule below!
We also post events to our Facebook page!
Rookies’ Gaming Event Schedule
All gaming events meet at BC Pizza in Lowell unless noted.  Players should come
prepared with dice, tokens, etc.  Experienced players, newbies and spectators are always
welcome!  For more details stop in the store or call (616) 897-5650.

LIKE US on Facebook and join our "Rookies Heroclix Crew", "Rookies Magic (M:tG) Crew",
and "Rookies Tabletop Gaming Crew" groups!  Great resources for updates, discussions,
or putting together some casual gaming date nights!  BC Pizza is always hospitable to us
gamers playing there - just be sure to give them some business!

December 2018:

MAGIC THE GATHERING   Fri, Dec 7 (6PM @ BC Pizza) – “Commander”
Cost is $7.00 and includes pizza, pop and prizes!

HEROCLIX      Sat, Dec 8 (noon @ BC Pizza) – “Invincible Iron Man Sealed Draft”
Everyone gets a booster to open.  Pick your favorite figure, pass the rest to the left.  
Continue on until you have your five-figure team to play with (and keep!).  Prizes TBA.
Cost is just $12 and includes your booster, pizza, pop and prizes!

GROWN-UP GAME NIGHT   Sat, Dec 8 (5PM @ Big Boiler Brewing)
“Beer & Board Games!”  Some games will be provided, but feel free to bring your own
favorites! We’ll also be demoing newer games, and have some of those available for
purchase.  Gaming is upstairs and seats around 50 -- First come, first serve on space!
No cost for this event.  Players can order food and drink off the full menu.

MAGIC THE GATHERING   Fri, Dec 14 (6PM @ BC Pizza) – “Modern”
Cost is $7.00 and includes pizza, pop and prizes!

TABLETOP GAMING DAY    Sat,  Dec 15 (1-5pm @ BC Pizza)
Board Games + Pizza = An awesome way to spend a Saturday afternoon!  Take advantage
of BC Pizza’s lunch buffet that runs noon-2pm.  Jack will arrive around 1PM with an
assortment of board games—Feel free to bring your own!
No cost to play, just bring money for your own food and drink!

FORCE OF WILL        Sat,  Dec 15 (1PM @ BC Pizza) – New Dawn Rises Sealed Draft
Let’s play the first set from the New Valhalla Cluster!  6 booster draft.
Cost is $20 for (6) boosters.  Bring extra money for food and drink (most players will
probably want the buffet).

MAGIC THE GATHERING   Fri, Dec 21 (6pm @ BC Pizza) – “FNM—Brawl”
Brawl!  It’s like Commander but with a 60-card standard deck!
Cost is $7 and includes pizza, pop and prizes!

HEROCLIX        Sat, Dec 22 (noon @ BC Pizza) – “WAR!”
Golden Age, Constructed event:  Bring a 400pt, four figure team.  We’ll then split up into
two teams and play one game on one giant map!  Every participant plays one figure from
their team at a time.  Bringing in the next when the last one is KO’d.  Prizes for the winning
team TBA.
Cost is $7 and includes a booster, pizza, pop and prizes!
HeroClix Hall of Fame!
Customers show off their sweet figure pulls from boosters
and tourney prizes they've won!  (Click pic to enlarge)
Nate (a.k.a. "NATRON")
shows off his
he pulled from a
pack of World of Warcraft
cards... these have sold
for $1,000!  Niiice!