Wizard World Chicago 2007

The Rookies Crew
(Jackzilla, Bad Andy, JohnnyBells, Radmobile, NickNick and Patrick)
made our way to Chicago again this year (click to enlarge pics):

Here we are in the Bad Andy Mobile, belly's full of McGriddles, excited for Chicago!
These aren't bad photos considering we didn't use the viewfinder.
Okay... they do kinda suck.

We met up with fellow Rookies:  Wonderboy, Aurora, Parker and Jess!

Homeland Security held Patrick for questioning.

Johnnybells enjoys a little White Castle on the way home.

The ride back took us 6 hours!
We got stuck in traffic, stopped for White Castle, took a wrong turn...

Between our obscene & hilarious discussions and extreme fatigue we finally went full daff.

The outragious shenanigans on the drive had us all laughing so hard, for so long
that it's a wonder we made it back home without incident!

At one point we were laughing so hard that Bad Andy was crying with tears.

Sorry, no pics from 2006, cuz our photos came back all blurry... D'oh!

But, we do have pics from Wizard World Chicago 2005!